First Experiments

January 30, 2012

The project is working with eight different languages primarily, but the “clilstore” tool that is being developed enables access to dictionaries in over 100 languages.

Here are some of our first attempts.

Click on the screenshot below to access a Danish video and transcript. You can click on any word in the transcript that you don’t know. The right panel will open up to display a choice of languages and dictionaries at the top.  Click on the one you want, and a dictionary entry in your chosen language will appear below.

Here’s another example with Scottish Gaelic as the source language. (Notice that the clilstore facility also offers the page creator the option of adding links at the bottom of the page. This could be to a suite of Hot Potatoes exercises, as in the Danish example, or to any other webpage, such as a related blogpost.)

And the project is not restricted to European languages that use the Roman alphabet. Here’s an example using Arabic.

These are first attempts using the basic prototype. Over the duration of the project we will refine and develop the tool in the light of experience and testing with both teachers and learners. Comments are always welcome.



  1. I am impressed with the quick progress of the blog:-)

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  3. […] team has started a blog where they will be putting up examples of their work as they progress. Here is an English example, […]

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