Dissemination and exploitation of the project

February 1, 2012

The project outcomes will be disseminated through EuroCall as well as at conferences. The project website builds on an existing website with 50,000+ documented individual visitors per year: http://www.languages.dk.
During the project funded period (30 months – starting January 2012) the partners will compile eight newsletters, participate in four conferences (EfVET and Eurocall), and deliver a sequence of pilot courses.
The exploitation will during the project period target 560 language teacher students and teachers (and thus ultimately language learners). Free online courses will continue to take place after the project period through e.g. Webheads and associated project partners. A likely minimum target impact: +2000 language teachers.
The project results will enable a wider use of CLIL across Europe.
You too are very welcome to offer teacher courses based on the free materials developed by TOOLS.



  1. During next week starting February 6th the languages.dk website will be offline for a period of up to 24 hours when it is being moved back to Europe.

    The move has become urgent after the US based server “justhost.com” caused the site to be offline in January for more than six days – and a backup that justhost.com had to use was two weeks old, which meant loss of lots of work and files:-(

    I hope the move will be swift and that my own backups can recover some of the missing files.

    Best regards
    Kent (the webmaster)

  2. Hi, Kent, thanks for informing us. Like you, I am also disappointed and just hope that you will be able to recover the most recent files that were missing. Let’s imagine there will be no urgent users of the tools material.
    best wishes,

    • I just clicked GO to my support technician, so I hope he gets the wheels up in speed. I do not myslef have access to the DNS (address server)
      Warm regards

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