February 6, 2012

This post is re-blogged from the Island Voices/Guthan nan Eilean site, run by TOOLS partner Sabhal Mòr Ostaig (SMO) with other Hebridean partners. SMO has been supporting the bilingual Island Voices project in the Outer Hebrides for over 5 years. As part of TOOLS, SMO will be testing out new Gaelic products in this adult learning context, in partnership with the Cothrom training group, who run local ESOL classes, and island community paper “Am Pàipear”.

Island Voices - Guthan nan Eilean

Gordon Wells has just returned from Belgium where he and Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle were attending a workshop with other European partners for the new TOOLS project. The project has only just started, but the aim is to develop a tool that will help teachers and learners when they need to find a word in an online dictionary. Users will be able to put recordings (for example from YouTube) on a new page with an accompanying transcript. You will then be able to check any word you don’t know in an online dictionary. This should be helpful for learners, though clearly you can’t learn any language just from a dictionary alone! The team has started a blog where they will be putting up examples of their work as they progress. Here is an English example, using an Island Voices film. As can be seen, you can also put links on…

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  1. Hi everybody, i am Gurkan from Turkey. I am preparing my master thesis about Teaching Turkish as a foreign language with simulations. What do you think about?
    How can I find documents, applications etc.?

  2. Dear Gurkan, you can find a lot of useful material and hints in our website http://www.languages.dk I could also recommend to contact Ms Janete Zygmantas from Brazil. She was writing a similar doctoral thesis. You can seach for her link either on twitter or on Linkedin and ask her to join you. Janete investigated this field quite deeply.
    You are always welcome to shear your ideas here!
    Best wishes!

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