The project website is finally running smoothly

February 9, 2012

Since moving the site back to Europe it has behaved well, actually much better than expected. The total down time during the transfer was probably only a few hours. AND the site is now much faster, at least from Denmark where I just checked that the response time is 27 times faster!-)

One of the things that kept me linked to the justhost.com site in Chicago was that I could continue using my very old (but for me good) editing software FrontPage. The new server does not support that software so I have been busy learning a new system (Dreamweaver), being old I am a slower learner than some colleagues, but the site is getting there… and now with a registration form using .php:-)

It seems that I can now dedicate some of my work to rearranging the site as we agreed in Brussels. I’ll work on this together with Caoimhín (the Ulster one;-)

Now, please visit www.languages.dk




  1. Great work, Kent. I know how much it meant to you and all of us- the users of the website, that it works without jams. Especially for our visitors, who decide to download some stuff from it. Congratulations!

  2. Dear Kent, TOOLS partners, splendid start of dissemination! I like v much the TOOLS website’ new look and the nice picture of the team in Bruxelles! The Kick-off meeting feedback, especially the comments from University of Southern Denmark, were taken on board.

    • I still have to work with Caoimhín on the text and future structure, but as you write I have made several changes as suggested in Brussels, e.g. wider page

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