Caoimhin’s request to test

February 17, 2012

Dear all, this may be coming with some delay, but – better late than never 🙂

For anyone who has a few of minutes to spare, I’d be glad if you could go to this address – http://www.smo.uhi.ac.uk/wordlink/?sl=gv&tl=en&url=http://gv.wikipedia.org/ (the Manx Gaelic Wikipedia viewed with Wordlink), and look up a few words first with the dictionary “Craine” and then with “CraineTEST”.  Let me know if they both work ok and if you notice any significant difference in speed.

Both Craine and CraineTEST access the same dictionary.  The difference is purely technical (so ignore the following if not interested!). CraineTEST uses an entirely new method I have added to Multidict to look up words in the awkward dictionaries which don’t use “GET” parameters (parameters which appear in the URL), but instead use “POST” parameters. The new method creates a throwaway form and uses Javascript to get the user’s browser to submit it to the dictionary (so fast you shouldn’t see it). Craine uses the old method which has been in Multidict since the  beginning; it sends a POST request, fetches the results from the  dictionary, and relays them to the user.

I don’t see any great benefit of one method over the other at the moment, but it is useful to have them both in the “armoury” of methods available. The new method might be useful for dictionaries which can save user options, or where access is restricted to certain web addresses, or which require a login and save this in a cookie.

Caoimhín SMO


One comment

  1. Dear Caoimhín, She nyn mea diu ooilley! I tested and tested http://www.smo.uhi.ac.uk/wordlink/?sl=gv&tl=en&url=http://gv.wikipedia.org/ , translating series of 3 words first in Crane and then in Crane TEST (as instructed in your e-mail;-)) Well, they are both rapid…of course. The first time, passing from Crane to C> TEST, it seemed to me that C.TEST is more speedy but now, after more tests, I am not sure anymore.
    Your comments on the benefits of Crane TEST method indicate clearly the benefits of creating it 🙂 Well done! A good weekend to everybody!
    Warm regards, the external evaluator, Ange

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