Clilstore and Audio

February 24, 2012

The media embedding option in the clilstore tool allows you to insert audio material as well as video. This is often an attractive alternative. Sometimes teachers may want their students to concentrate on listening alone, without visual aids or distractions. Often it is easier and quicker to create audio materials – especially if you use a platform like Ipadio.

TOOLS partner SMO intends to fully explore the audio option in its new community engagement project. This clilstore page was quickly created, using the online invitation issued to community members to take part in the new project.



  1. Super:-) And nice layout as well!-)

  2. Reblogged this on Island Voices – Guthan nan Eilean and commented:

    Although the main focus will be on producing original source materials, this is potentially a useful supplementary tool in the new push to encourage wider local community participation.

  3. Amazing how quickly we are progressing. We also presented the Ipadio and the programme for the teachers to install and use with the exercises. This will be very useful for clil- teachers of professions say it will be excellent tools for smarter students, when you need to differentiate the tasks in a classroom of (very often) 24-28 kids. Language teachers are looking forward to be able to create hot potatoes exercises with the device.

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