What’s the best name?

February 29, 2012


  1. I like the last: CS-tools

  2. I have voted for Clilstore because it is both meaningful and memorable, even for those who don’t reflect on what the name means.

  3. I like neither to be honest. Clilstore always makes my eyes fuzzy trying to figure what’s an l and what’s an i and CS(Tools) is already taken, you should always google potential brand names beforehand :b

  4. I added a new one… “CLIL_storeroom” because the word “store” makes me think that you have to pay for the goodies stored there. I know they can also be free, mais…

  5. You are right, Ana, for me store also associates with sth. you have to pay for:)

    • Well, for me “shop” is just one possible meaning of “store”. I guess you could disambiguate by calling it “Clilfreestore”, or perhaps “Freeclilstore” – but that’s beginning to look rather long.

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