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The project website is finally running smoothly

February 9, 2012

Since moving the site back to Europe it has behaved well, actually much better than expected. The total down time during the transfer was probably only a few hours. AND the site is now much faster, at least from Denmark where I just checked that the response time is 27 times faster!-)

One of the things that kept me linked to the site in Chicago was that I could continue using my very old (but for me good) editing software FrontPage. The new server does not support that software so I have been busy learning a new system (Dreamweaver), being old I am a slower learner than some colleagues, but the site is getting there… and now with a registration form using .php:-)

It seems that I can now dedicate some of my work to rearranging the site as we agreed in Brussels. I’ll work on this together with Caoimhín (the Ulster one;-)

Now, please visit



(And I think to myself…) what a wonderful tool!

February 8, 2012

January 2012, after kick off in Brussels

Spending some time after dinner with your project colleagues from different countries (socializing!) provides good opportunities for extra cultural exchange. It can even inspire deeper cultural and linguistic discourse.

Sitting the other day with our Tools team in Brussels, talking about languages; one of the funs of different languages speakers is to find out “What’s the Gaelic for… What’s the Lithuanian for…?”  It seems that all linguists try to reach as far back as Adam and Eve, trying to find out the etymology of each word, the common roots. And this is also inspiring, even though the beauty is in diversity, all people in certain circumstances like to think, act, share like brothers and sisters. (That’s a good project team!:)

Listening to an old Scottish tune (was it Auld Lang Syne?, – naturally – most tunes should be Burns’ in Scotland! 🙂 sung by a colleague Iain Gordon was an impulse to reflect about the role, importance and fate of languages. Iain told it was easier for him to learn Gaelic from songs. Sure it was! I learnt most of my pronunciation from English songs, and we use this method with our students. But he is a Scot. And I thought – the clilstore will be an ideal instrument for all the Scots, Lithuanians, Spanish, Danes, Irish, Portuguese and Basque – and other people – scattered all over the world – who didn’t have a chance to learn their Mother tongue; they can listen to a song and see the verse and then click on a word to be translated into a language he is using now.  So – tools4clil is not only for professionals.


TOOLS Newsletters

February 8, 2012

Dear project friends,

You may now register for the project newsletters from this address:



Clustering project and more

February 8, 2012

From one of the pools friends (Jane Vinther) we have received this: We would like to invite language teachers worldwide to fill in this Two-Minute Survey on Open Language Learning:

This survey is part of a research project by Jozef Colpaert, University of Antwerp, and Glenn Stockwell, Waseda University, Tokyo, aiming at identifying factors which might impact on the use of Open Educational Resources in the Language Learning and Teaching Community worldwide.

Open Educational Resources (OER) can be defined as “digital materials that can be re-used for teaching, learning, research and more, made available for free through open licenses, which allow uses of the materials that would not be easily permitted under copyright alone” (

The results of this survey will be sent to all participants who provide their email address. They will also be presented at the EuroCall SIG meeting on Open Educational Resources in Bologna (29-30 March 2012), the XVth International CALL Research Conference in Taiwan (25-27 May 2012), the CALICO 2012 conference at Notre Dame University, and will be published in Computer Assisted Language Learning. The data will also be made available as Open Research Data for researchers worldwide.


How to ensure that Clilstore users do not infringe copyright

February 7, 2012

We need a disclaimer text when our users create a new unit in Clilstore. My suggestions is:

Please note that you must not infringe copyright with the material you put online. The responsibility is solely yours. Please consult the copyright rules:

Following this we need a tick box followed by this text: “I have the right to use the material (text, graphics, and video) and to put it online. “

Please comment and give better suggestions


February 6, 2012

This post is re-blogged from the Island Voices/Guthan nan Eilean site, run by TOOLS partner Sabhal Mòr Ostaig (SMO) with other Hebridean partners. SMO has been supporting the bilingual Island Voices project in the Outer Hebrides for over 5 years. As part of TOOLS, SMO will be testing out new Gaelic products in this adult learning context, in partnership with the Cothrom training group, who run local ESOL classes, and island community paper “Am Pàipear”.

Island Voices - Guthan nan Eilean

Gordon Wells has just returned from Belgium where he and Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle were attending a workshop with other European partners for the new TOOLS project. The project has only just started, but the aim is to develop a tool that will help teachers and learners when they need to find a word in an online dictionary. Users will be able to put recordings (for example from YouTube) on a new page with an accompanying transcript. You will then be able to check any word you don’t know in an online dictionary. This should be helpful for learners, though clearly you can’t learn any language just from a dictionary alone! The team has started a blog where they will be putting up examples of their work as they progress. Here is an English example, using an Island Voices film. As can be seen, you can also put links on…

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Gaelic Tweets

February 3, 2012

News about the new “clilstore” tool is beginning to spread. “Gaelic Tweets” is an online daily magazine with a significant following amongst Gaelic readers who follow it on Twitter. Here’s the article. TOOLS gets top billing!