“Building Image and Presence”

May 17, 2012

The first external evaluation report has been presented by Angelica L. Bucur, Ec. MBA, the external evaluator for the Tools project.

Angelica L. Bucur says that the project is working “towards building image and presence”, which is one of the strong sides of the partnership, according to the evaluator.

“The project has demonstrated very good progress during the period January 1st – May 15th 2012, based on consistent project management and quality assurance activities and tools. The first results and achievements have been in very good relationship with the original planning. There are already a few additional results, produced either by the partner members, by the teachers adding resources to Clilstore or by students participating to the project testing. The project was effective in implementing the activities of the first 4,5 months and in ensuring an excellent team building and a collaborative work-environment.

The contribution of partners to the development of outcomes was clear, and enhanced by continuous communication and exchanges”.

Read the full report via this link or from the homepage of theTools project www.languages.dk .


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