Song Collection

June 12, 2012

Not long ago TOOLS worker Gordon Wells sat down with Uist resident Lachie Morrison and switched on his voice recorder while they chatted in Gaelic and Lachie sang some songs. They’re the songs of Lachie’s father, Pàdruig, who was also a renowned storyteller. (For links to more background information, click here.)

In this extract Lachie sings two songs. The first is Bodach a’ Phuill Mhònaidh, a light-hearted take on the mishaps that might befall a young man as he tramps over the moor. The second is Òran a’ Chogaidh, composed in 1915 while Pàdruig was away with the army at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli, reflecting on the hardships of war and dreaming of Flora, his then sweetheart, who was to become Pàdruig’s wife and Lachie’s mother.

If you want to read the lyrics of each song (copied with Lachie’s kind permission), click the following links:

Bodach a’ Phuill Mhònaidh (now a Clilstore page at http://multidict.net/cs/368)

Òran a’ Chogaidh (now a Clilstore page at http://multidict.net/cs/369)


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