Students in Marijampole think multidict is fun

June 21, 2012

In Marijampole VET Centre (Marijampolės profesinio rengimo centras) English teachers- participants of the Tools project started testing Clilstore in combination with Hot potatoes type exercises. All three of them- Asta Šeštokienė, Rita Žindžiūtė and Simona Dapkūnaitė- can be regarded as young teachers, with just a few years of professional experience. According to them, it is good when you can base your professional career on something new – from the very beginning. In fact, it is easier for younger teachers to work with IT based tools, nevertheless, the more experienced teachers, with at least 10 years of professional practice in school, who participated in pilot testing of the Clilstore in Marijampole, LT, admitted that trying something new not only brings new winds into their classroom, but into their souls as well. There is nothing worse in teacher’s life than routine, which kills creativity in both- teacher and student. Working with clilstore won’t allow this to happen.

A teacher can always check his own path by having a look and even using (because they are free!) exercises from Clilstore, created by his colleagues from other countries. To check his path, his students’ level, interests- it is a way to communicate, even though indirectly- with language teachers from other countries. On the other hand, there is a very effective way to more or less direct communication via facebook, twitter, and linkedin of Tools project, or leave a comment and participate in a discussion on tools4clil blog.

In the picture you can see students of carpenter and electronic publishing breadboarder training programme, testing the clilstore. Asta Šeštokienė, their English teacher, was pleasantly surprised at the students’ enthusiasm to even promote this tool to their fellow students. The programme was tested with students of very different levels, and it can be stated that even students with very poor knowledge of the English language can work with it successfully (they even find it attractive and fun!)





  1. Yes, I profess connectivity and collaboration combat classroom routine and boredom… of course student intrinsic motivation is a crucial factor in effective and efficient content – language learning..

    • Yes, You are right.
      So we have to deal with this problem (students’ motivation to learn and work in the classroom) and ITs help us successfully. 😉

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