Nuacht24 YouTube archive made available

June 26, 2012


One of the main challenges facing Clilstore authors is sourcing suitable content which complies with the service’s strict copyright requirements i.e. for each unit authors must declare that they are either the author of the text and material or that they have permission to use the text and material. The TOOLS project promotes the use of User Generated Content, whereby copyright infringement can be safely avoided, however, use of the wealth of copyright free or permitted third party material made available via YouTube etc. is equally promoted as long as authors can be sure of their status.

Nuacht24 (www.nuacht24.com) is an online news service which caters for the Irish Language community in Ireland and Internationally by providing independent coverage of a range of current affairs, from News and Sport to Business, Entertainment and the Arts. Nuacht24 also maintains a video archive of features’ items via YouTube. The TOOLS team at Ulster had identified this archive of 170+ videos as a potentially valuable resource on which Clilstore units could be based, owing both to the relevance of their content to our students and the professional manner in which the materials are presented. Having approached Nuacht24 in order to secure the necessary permission to embed the videos in Clilstore units, the Tools team at Ulster is delighted to announce that full permission was granted and that Nuacht24 view Clilstore as a worthy means of extending how their original content is utilised and enjoyed. A sample unit based on a Nuacht24 video can be viewed at http://multidict.net/cs/376 (i.e. video by Nuacht24, transcription & exercises by Caoimhín Ó Dónaill).

The benefit of this upfront approach to sourcing content cannot be underestimated, the TOOLS team at Ulster intends to seek further permissions to access existing archives and encourages others to do likewise.



  1. Really great news, Caoimhin.

  2. Nach math a rinn sibh! Great job. A fair bit of transcription work ahead of you… Could you crowdsource it, eg through students?

    • Móran taing a Gordon! Excellent suggestion, this would give the students practice in transcription and speed up the production of units. Thanks also for the suggestion (via email) about using scroll text (accessed via the Float tab above the Embed code address bar), this definitely makes the unit more user friendly.

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