Advantages and disadvantages in using information technologies

August 8, 2012

Since the increasing use of new technologies in information, language teaching has changed in many aspects. But not all those aspects can be viewed as positive, though. The impact of the use of ITs on the way English is taught has brought not only advantages to it, but also, some disadvantages concerning to the availability of technologies to be used, money to invest on and teachers’ train.

Advantages in using information technologies:
• students using computers do not feel that they are being watched or judged;
• a computer can analyze the specific mistakes the student has made and can react in a different way from the usual teacher- this leads the student not only to self correction, but also to understanding the principles behind the correct solution;
• a computer gives individual attention to the learner and replies immediately to questions or commands;
• the another innovation involving self assessment consists of giving the learner the option of working mentally;
• a video can be used at every level, both as supplementary material for language reinforcement and skills practice;
• a video sequence used in class makes students more ready to communicate in the target language and a classroom more interactive;
• when using modern technologies during foreign language classes, authentic language situations are introduced;
• multimedia helps to make use of and stimulate one of the most important aspects of teaching – curiosity;
• using the video camera stimulates students because it is thought-provoking, demanding, dynamic, close to real life, creative, requires whole-body involvement ant gives responsibility to students;

Disadvantages in using information technologies:
• the disadvantages associated with using computer programs in teaching language are the cost and time consumed to prepare sufficiently calibrated item banks”.
• using ITs takes too much time;
• there are equipment failures while using ITs;
• there are no enough equipment at schools;
• teachers don’t know how to work with ITs ;
We might say that the use of Information Technologies also helps students to develop the skills they need for their lives. Given that there are many sources from which a class can be taught, the teacher can select the ones that fit better to the students’ needs according to their age, level, and abilities.
In short, teachers and students are responsible for the success or failure of equipment tools in supporting language learning.


  1. true

  2. Technology is advancing everyday

  3. there are many other advantage of computer like in bussince school office

  4. The innovation of equipment that aid fast distribution of information has made the world to become a global village thus geographical distance is not an issue to hinder the communication process. Thanks to the World”s innovators.

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