TOOLS in Eurocall conference

August 24, 2012

The Clilstore family is growing

The project team has just conducted a workshop for the colleagues at Eurocall conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. Kent initially decided to combine Tools project meeting with the conference, where teachers interested in computer assisted language learning methods gather. This was a good opportunity to introduce Clilstore to colleagues all over Europe. And not only Europe! There were language teachers from China, Japan, Chile, USA in the workshop. When asked to test the tool and create exercises in Clilstore, the participants were very enthusiastic. The first to create an exercise were awarded Tools project polos and t-shirts.

The happy winner of “the Clilstore contest” Ms Viviane Grisez, from the Mons University, Belgium. It took her less than two minutes to create her exercise on Clilstore.

Participants’ feedback about the tool will be taken into account and will help the project team to develop the technical capacities of the system and make it even more user friendly.

The workshop is over now and we can sigh happily that it was successful. The Clilstore users’ family has acquired new members. Welcome!



  1. Dear Asta and Gordon,
    we miss you here.

    • Seems you are having a really good time there.
      Great to see how many goals you’ve achieved. Keep it up!

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