TOOLS was presented to language teaching professionals from all over the world

September 15, 2012

In August 2012 Tools project team had a wonderful opportunity to present the fruit of their work to the international community of language teaching professionals. This happened in an annual conference of EUROCALL which this year took place in University of Gothenburg (Sweden). It has been initially decided in the Tools work plan that some of the team meetings will coincide with EUROCALL conferences.   This way we will not only reach a huge number of the end users, but will have a good chance to collect their feedback in order to develop and improve our tool- the Clilstore, and make the possibility to use it as easy as possible.

What else can be more pleasant to the heart of a language teaching professional than getting to know colleagues with the same passion for CALL? The tools team was delighted to see more than 30 delegates to have registered for the workshop, which was due on the first day, which according to the framework of the Eurocall conferences, is usually dedicated to workshops. No matter how modest we would try to look, we must admit that the workshop was a success! Language teaching/CALL  professionals from many European countries as well as from China, Chile, USA, Canada, Japan and others were attending the trainings for clilstore tool.

At the same time members of Tools team interviewed the conference delegates during the breaks between sessions and presented the clilstore for additional 100 or more language teachers.

Their opinion and feedback is very important to us. Many expressed their wish to continue testing and using the tool and we will contact them at the next phase of the project. It was amazing to observe the numbers of teaching units in Clilstore grow with every day of the conference!

On the last day of the event Kent, our coordinator, invited Philip Hubbard, well known language teaching professor from the University of Stanford (USA) to participate in Tools project meeting and to share his ideas about computer assisted language learning methods he uses with his students as well as to comment on Clilstore tool. It was a pleasure to receive positive comments about the tool from Prof. Hubbard and to hear his intention to use the tool in the future.

The Tools project team is glad to see the Clilstore family growing all over the world.


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