Audio Podcasts on Island Voices

December 5, 2012

Ipadio audio clips can be used very flexibly. As we know already, you can embed them in a Clilstore unit. Or you can post the links in your Facebook or Twitter accounts. You can also make podcasts of them, and even place them in iTunes! That’s the latest development in Sabhal Mòr Ostaig’s Island Voices project.

Although the core of the Island Voices materials archive remains the YouTube video collections, regular visitors will be aware that there is a large amount of audio material on the Island Voices Ipadio channel as well. And as more and more local participants start recording themselves there are more and more Ipadio channels starting up!

As of this month the original Island Voices audio channel has been linked into iTunes. This means that you can download the latest audio clips on that channel as podcasts, for repeated listening on your iPad, iPhone, or other preferred device – with or without an Internet connection. If you search for “Island Voices” in iTunes podcasts you will find the channel in the Education category (subcategory “Language Courses”), or you can click on the graphic or this link. You can also subscribe directly to the podcast page. Happy listening!


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