Clilstore warmly received at University of Evora

December 18, 2012


Portuguese as a Foreign Language is a very popular subject amongst Erasmus students, taking their degree in Évora, Portugal. During the first semester of 2012/2013 more than 40 students choose Portuguese as a foreign language. These were A2 level students and as a mother tongue, they had Spanish and Italian.

Last 12th of December some of them were invited to try Clilstore Units. They got acquainted with A2 level units on Portuguese:

Amor de estudante: http://alturl.com/z9qx2

O quarto de uma estudante universitária: http://alturl.com/bcrk5

They were very happy to try Clilstore! They were completly engaged in the units and when our class time finished, they still wanted to continue.

A warm embrace that saves lives

This was a unit created for nursing students. You can find it in the link: http://alturl.com/ysc8r

Fourteen nursing students tried clilstore. Their reaction was very positive, as they’ve realized how easier is was to read and understand the text. Our lesson plan had the following steps:

1. Watching the video (full screen)

2. Discussing the main ideas of the video

3. Watching the video, but this time, with the text

4. Check out the words in multidict

Discuss the content of the video

5. Hotpotatoes exercises: vocabulary and sentence structure



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