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​​My Clilstore in MPRC

January 23, 2013

Before introducing the 531119_304688239632531_1157620888_nClilstore to my students at MPRC (Marijampole VET Centre) I wasn’t  really sure they would like it, because rejection is a very common reaction of some, especially when you talk about something new. However to my great surprise I discovered that there is a huge number of students who are not only very positive about innovations in the classroom, but actually look forward to something new, especially if we talk about IT. Here I remember a thought that was quoted by Kent Andersen about our students being “computer natives”, while the older generation of teachers – “computer immigrants”. My students turned out 100% proof of this!

According to some students, it is boring to sit in the classroom with a textbook in your hand, while Clilstore gives entirely diffe574687_304688262965862_2073568565_nrent experience.  It is true, the experience is great and the students in many cases learn without special stress on the process. On the other hand, it is also true that the preparation requires more commitment from the teacher. However, no matter how much preparatory work it would require, Clilstore is an excellent program for every language teacher and undoubtedly a great help to each student in the class. Learning foreign languages through sounds, videos and images is an incomparable experience for the student, while for the teacher the programme is much easier to use than most would think.  After my first try, I use it quite often, and during the 1st semester of the school year 2012/2013 more than 30 students tested Clilstore program.

“How interesting and easy to work with!” With these words students always finish the lesson. They are happy because at the same time they can4755_304688312965857_2110673230_n watch videos, listen to sounds, read the entire text and translate the words they do not understand.

Teachers have the possibility to observe students entirely captured by the working process, which is really fun. They also enjoy watching videos together with their students and get the students’ view on many things, including views and ideas, connected to their future profession.

Simona Dapkūnaitė


January 7, 2013

Technological ‘newness’ and community ‘tradition’ juxtaposed… An informative follow-up to the British Council ELTON nomination.

Island Voices - Guthan nan Eilean

The British Council book, “Innovations in English language teaching for migrants and refugees”, edited by David Mallows, was published this month (December 2012), and includes a chapter on Guthan nan Eilean/Island Voices by the project co-ordinator, Gordon Wells, entitled “ESOL in the Hebrides and Island Voices – ‘Hey, hang on a minute, tha mise bilingual!'”. The book is published in hard copy and is also available freely online here. The online version conveniently includes live links to relevant websites (such as this one!) and other reference material.

In his introduction David Mallows has this to say on the Island Voices chapter: “Gordon deals with a juxtaposition of technological ‘newness’ and community ‘tradition’. Through a case study set in the Outer Hebrides he relates how aspects of both, often treated as opposing forces, can be harnessed in pursuit of a holistic, bilingual enrichment programme that seeks (among other things) to…

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