Tools workshop at 2013 LLAS eLearning Symposium

February 10, 2013

On 24-25 January C486000_325860680848620_490428703_naoimhín Ó Dónaill and Neil Comer from the Ulster Tools team travelled to the University of Southampton, England to deliver a Clilstore workshop at the Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies’ (LLAS) annual eLearning Symposium http://www.llas.ac.uk/events/archive/6636. 150596_325860620848626_606306309_n

  The workshop drew a capacity crowd who were made up of course developers and teachers of a wide variety of languages. The feedback the participants provided following the workshop was very positive, and we are particularly grateful for the constructive recommendations for improvement which we received from the group. To make it easier for participants to provide feedback we placed a link to an electronic survey on the desktop of each computer in the training suite. The results of the survey showed that the participants were satisfied that the workshop had provided them with a clear and informative introduction to the Tools project and Clilstore and that by the end of the session they had been given the opportunity to register with Clilstore and gain a sound basic knowledge of how to create units and utilise key supporting technologies such as YouTube. Given that the audience were keen supporters of elearning we were hoping to gain useful and challenging feedback on Clilstore and its potential applications, and we were not dissappointed. The main issue to arise was the consequence of not specifying a language code while compiling a unit. Unfortunately, a number of participants lost their work through this small omission. Following the workshop this problem was promptly highlighted to the project partners via email and specifically to our developer Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle. Unsurprisingly, Caoimhín swiftly found a stable resolution to the problem by (i) ensuring that form data could be now be retrieved by using the back button and (ii) making language code entry a required field. Other issues arising in the survey included comments on the appearance of the interface and the ability to filter units by topic. Both of these issues are thankfully among our main items for development, something which affirms that our development activites are in line with user demand and user expectations. A full breakdown of the survey results can be viewed here.

All in all this was a very worthwhile event which will hopefully result in future new users and help us create a buzz around the Tools Project and Clilstore.


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