Erasmus Intensive Language Course at University of Évora meet CLILSTORE

February 18, 2013

P1070210An Erasmus Intensive Language Course took place at the University of Évora between the 21st of January and the 8th of February. We had 17 students from Spain, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland. These were 17 very enthusiastic young men and women who were preparing themselves for a semester in Portugal. They came from diferente áreas, such as architecture, archaelogy, finances, psychology, tourism… so they had diferente ways of looking at the learning of a foreign language.

These students were asked to try the online units available onP1070183 Clilstore. So, after a full day of classes, they were given time to explore portuguese on their own. Every day from 16h30 to 18h30 students had the chance not only to explore the existing units on Clilstore, but also encouraged too creating new ones. Their favourite unit was “Amor de estudante”, but they also practice their language skils “Vou às compras” and “O quarto de uma estudante universitária”. And the unit about the AP1070185lphabet was very useful to practice the sounds of the portuguese language. About Clistore one of them said that it “Easy to find & understand words.” Other enphatized how quick it was when you want to understand a texto: “It was easy to use, fast.” One of the points taken was that Clilstore gives the possibility “(…) to read and translate on the same webpage”. As for the downsides of the Clilstore área one critic was very common: “It was cold in the computer room”. Well, unfortunately Clilstore did not come with an heating system! It was a very cold room, but still students enjoyed their time there. In more than one occasion we had to let them know that it was past the time.


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