Tools’ boat moves forward

May 28, 2013

IMG_0047The Tools project for CLIL methods is successfully moving towards its final goal – to create a free online service, where language teachers can author online multimedia learning units, where all words in a text are automatically linked to online dictionaries in +100 languages. The system has been functioning for more than a year now, and the project team has been testing it with various target groups in their own institutions as well as in numerous international conferences, workshops and other events. The interface of the Clilstore was the most important issue for several months. The project team has the ambition to make it user friendly in both ways – functional and visual. The software developer Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle (SMO expert on PHP and JavaScript programming) was compiling the website system layers mainly based on PHP coding with Javascript to enhance the user interface. Together with Lone Olstrup from SDE they were also renovating the design layout of the pages. The final version of the interface design was voted on in Valencia meeting by the Tools team. Now the system has acquired its final look, while at the same time Caoimhín is still polishing and optimizing the function details. E.g. a problem with Arabic script had occurred, because the letters looked too small, almost impossible to read, if the system used unique Times New Roman for all languages. Now it is possible to enlarge the font of the text for Arabic.  With finalizing the interface of the Clilstore, the time has come for Kent Andersen to create the DYI video, which will be translated into partner languages. With this video, which will be available on Youtube and in project website after June 10, language teachers will easily create their own exercises. Moreover, the course book as teacher’s manual is on its way and will be ready by the end of summer.


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  1. We’ re looking forward to the changes to implement in our language classes…

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