Tools team meets in Evora

October 12, 2013

2013-09-16 18.50.23

The beginning of the school year was marked by another productive event for the Tools project team. They met in Evora, a beautiful old University town in Portugal, which added to the atmosphere of the meeting, while the crowds of students dressed in black festive gowns for the inauguration ceremony were an additional proof of the relevance and usefulness of the work we are doing.

2013-09-16 10.14.41The meeting in Evora in September was combined with a EUROCALL conference, which provided a good opportunity for the Project team to gather additional feedback from language teaching Professionals from all over Europe. September was marked by finalizing the Guidebook for Clilstore – a guide book for teachers on how to use the software, including DIY videos and instructions on how to create a perfect unit.

The feedback gathered during the conference (in fact it has been planned in the application in order to make the Tool capable of serving the needs of teachers working with different types and levels of students) proved that the Team has created a product which has a future among the family of language teachers.

Some good news for tablet users: the Guidebook, as designed by Lone Olstrup, looks very attractive on the e-books shelf and is pleasant toAngelica read with a single touch of the screen to turn the pages.

Angelica Bucur, external evaluator of the project, took part in the meeting and presented her comments about the progress of the project activities. The overall picture is very good – as seen from Angelica’s smile!


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