Tools presented at EfVET conference in Athens

October 29, 2013

2013-10-23 17.31.56

On the 23-26th of October, 2013 Tools project was presented at an EfVET (www.efvet.org ) conference in Athens. The theme of the conference “The College that Works” attracted more than 250 participants from all over Europe as well as several non-EU citizens from such countries as Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Hong-Kong, Japan etc. Antonio Silva Mendes, Director for VET and secondary education from DG EAC was among the speakers of the conference. As usual, the conference was very keen on sharing the good practice of the EU funded project, dedicating half day of the conference agenda to a special session called “round tables”. atena-7

Here participants of different EU funded project can present the outcomes of their work to other conference participants. Kent Andersen, Tools project coordinator presented the project together with two other members of the Tools team in two half an hour sessions during the main time of the conference agenda and attracted a big number of the audiences during both rounds. The project and the tool were further discussed among the project participants and the conference delegates and the feedback was more than positive. E.g. a principal from a school in Germany said he will make sure language teachers use the tool, as the school is very keen on IT and innovation in teaching. Other teachers were prepared not only to use this during their classes, but for their own language learning during their free time. The possibility to link the Multidict with various WebPages including famous news channels make it easier and more attractive to teach politics and history, said another teacher from Denmark. atena-5
This year the project could offer the finished web based tool- the Clilstore, which is connected to Multidict and Wordlink. The teachers were eager to try the tool themselves; however, due to a bit too slow internet it was not possible to do it directly during the roundtable workshop. The participants took DIY videos which will help them to try the tool in their normal surrounding s and we look forward to new users in the Clilstore.



  1. The bold and the beautiful 🙂 Where was this energy-full team photo taken?

    • Dear Angelica, the team picture is from Valencia meeting.

      • I thought as well that there is a certain Ole! attitude and sun 🙂
        Warm regards to all !

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