Clilstore and the TOOLS project introduced to ECML network

December 11, 2013

20131206_094627 European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML), a department within the Council’s Directorate General IV- Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport-, is implementing a project “Language for work”, one objective of which is to create a network of language professionals working in the field of developing skills of migrant workers, and other teachers related to teaching professional language at different educational levels. The network held a meeting on the 5-6th of December, 2013 in Graz, Austria, at the headquarters of the ECML. The network was established last December and this was its second meeting. Language teachers, from state and private sector gathered to share their experience and methodologies of teaching professional language and to learn from each other. The agenda had foreseen time for network members to present the results of their work, including, projects, outcomes of research and other activities. Or simply to provide practitioners’ view on the issue.

Rasa Zygmantaite, a member of Tools project team, who is also a member of the Language for Work network, participated in the meeting and presented Clilstore and the Tools project. 11The time, allocated for the presentation didn’t allow the teachers from the network to register and immediately create their own units during the workshop, however, all the 35 CDs with audio files on how to create your own unit in English (+ Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Lithuanian and Portuguese), that were offered for the workshop participants, were distributed in less than five minutes! The participants of the network showed great interest in the tool, especially its ability to work with other languages than those, using the Latin alphabet, i.e. with all characters of UTF8, which is very important when you work with migrant workers from different parts of the world. The ECML network “Language for work” is finalizing its website, and the participants’ task during one of the workshops was to discuss the functionality of the website in order to make it as attractive and user friendly as possible and really used by language teaching professionals from the European Union and non-EU countries. Members of the network will be able to share their findings and methodological material in the “Library” section of the website.  And not only that- we can link our project to this network to facilitate the access of the finding of the Tools and other http://www.languages.dk projects for the big family of language teachers.
More information: www.ecml.at


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  1. This seems a most excellent dissemination activity! Bravo Tools and well done Raza 🙂

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