Love Song

February 14, 2014

For Valentine’s Day – a love song on Clilstore… Multimedia, multilingual love bombs 🙂

Island Voices - Guthan nan Eilean

A modern Gaelic love song, ’S tu mo ghaol, from the Bi Beò archives forms the musical centrepiece for Island Voices’ Valentine’s Day message. You can hear it above without a transcript, or if you would like to read the words while you listen you can try this new Clilstore unit.

LyublyuFor a local visual celebration of the same sentiment we still find it hard to beat this message in Russian, beautifully crafted out of Grimsay scallop shells at Poll nan Crann in Benbecula. The story behind it is quite touching, and you can read all about it in this Facebook thread.

Meanwhile, and for one day only, An Radio, the new bilingual Uist community station, will be running specially themed playlists all day today. Just follow this link and click on the “An Radio Player”. Wherever you are, and whichever languages you like to use, Island…

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