March 24, 2014

It can be said that by mere accident the Clilstore, as well as the software of the project and the units have found entirely new application! They are used at Marijampole College for the students of Applied Foreign Languages educational programme to teach conference interpreting. Marijampole College is an institution of tertiary education providing professional BA in different programmes of social and applied sciences as well as several technical fields.


It started with dissemination, as it had been planned since the proposal stage of the project that one of the groups with which the Clilstore units would be piloted and then used will be students of Marijampole College Teacher training department. This was successfully completed, and the software was so interesting that the Dean offered to try it with the students of business English. The course of conference interpreting is rather short and the students after taking an exam are granted three credits. In fact this was the first course ever, as the programme is rather new and the third year students are the first ones to graduate from this course this year. It was a challenge to prepare something new and catchy for the students who were quite known among the staff for their lack of motivation and interest in studies. One of the things to make them come and pass the course is accumulative scoring, so that even those who have missed several classes would be able to take the exam, presenting individual work.

Everybody who is learning/teaching languages knows that this process requires a lot of individual work, i.e. you have to do homework, while the students nowadays (things were really different in my times!!!!:)) rely mostly not on their memory but on the Internet, which makes language learning simply impossible! Thus, if you want to catch their interest, you must do it with something original, something they never experienced before.

And-  Voilà!– here we have the Clilstore, something easy to use and really attractive! The tool is just perfect for teaching conference interpreting- I discovered after some research on the website. There are quite a few interesting courses that can be found on the website, including an international project of Vilnius University together with some other prominent HE institutions of Europe; not to mention the resources of DG Interpretation http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/scic/ of the EC, who use video for training new interpreters. However, we talk about students whose vocation is not necessarily interpreting or translation! They have a slightly more limited vocabulary in store and their fluency is far from that used by high level professionals, aiming to BECOME interpreters! Choosing a complicated video wouldn’t work, if the students are not equipped with the appropriate amount and variety of vocabulary. Hence they would simply loose interest, while Clilstore gives the students a possibility to work individually keeping the right pace and further creating their own units as individual task.

The story has just begun, but I see how the courses (of applied English) and the Tool of the Tools4Clil fell in love with each other. This had to happen- an entirely new application of the project tool is simply a developer wouldn’t even dreamed of!

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