MORE UPDATES before the final project meeting

April 6, 2014

By Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle,Tools project software developer

kevinThis is very last-minutish, because I am about to leave at mid-day for Yorkshire and then on to Belfast on Monday, but I have now got a file upload facility working in Clilstore.
If you edit an existing unit, you’ll see that below the green link buttons there is now a new button “Files” which takes you to a page for uploading files and managing the files which are associated with the unit.
You can’t put files straight into a new unit as you create it. You have to save the unit first, then edit it to upload the files. Then if you want to link to the files using the green link buttons, you have to write them in as “file:Crossword.htm”, or “file:Worksheet.docs” or similar.
So the new facility is not yet as slick as it could be. As well as that, it is still missing all the error checks and security checks which ought to be built into it. I need to do more work on it. It will hopefully be usable already, though, despite its faults.

In the process of doing this work, I also gave multidict.net its own crash handler, instead of using the one which I use for other SMO work. So when things crash completely and you get a red screen, the error messages will now be in English instead of Gaelic 😉

Le deagh dhùrachd,

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